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A walk in forest of Tours-Preuilly on Claise is a cure of calmness in a natural and beautiful setting. Several manners exist to approach this visit depending on whether you wish to come closer more or less of the soul of the forest.

What is in the first place self-evident, it is to enter generally into the paths empierrés, straight alleys that furrow through the forest. These permit not to get lost and to reach of the remarkable places the new pond or the Rolle. These beautiful alleys often shady particularly very kept offer a pleasant and relaxing walk through woods with a big diversity of sites.

Since some years the implantation of a labyrinth brought a non more negligible. Educational and diverting, parents and children can rush to her conquest. Situated close to the parking lot of the Ribaloche, he/it presents himself/itself under two options: the labyrinth for the children and the one of the adults. An indicative panel is to the entry of each of them. The path is demarcated well, during your course you should answer questions. To you to really think not to turn in circle. It is also the possibility to discover a more real different forest, less altered by the man. The well demarcated alleys offer a richer steeper course, more shady and probably more beautiful.

Another solution offers itself to the walker, a circuit of 8 to demarcated 12 km, circuit of the arboretums. Here not of game, but the exit of the beaten paths. There has also a will to make discover new gases. Here it is the plantation of various type of pines. Elsewhere these are various foliate. A pity that the trees that didn’t succeed their hold are not always replaced. The diversity of the landscapes and gases is bigger. It is ideal all to forget while pursuing during the alleys a long walk without meeting soul that lives except an isolated blogueur or a pickup of the maintenance service of the forest. You are alone in a superb and varied setting. Large spaces are covered with ferns like contracted undergrowths. Of the places that change according to the seasons, but are always perfectly kept. Only can disrupt you by stormy periods the bugs virevoltants and tenacious, there as in the whole forest.

Once customary you can pass to another stage that consists in discovering by yourself the non demarcated paths. An advice arms yourselves of unfolding it of the forest in order to be able to mark you in the event. You will discover other different sites then and you will be able to pull the pride of it from to be more adventurous than the other.